Covering the 2011 Chicago Auto Show


A sign from the 2007 Chicago Auto Show. This year's event will feature new designs from some of the world's greatest manufacturers. Some of these new machines will be plug-in electrics.

Dear Readers,

It is an honor to announce that Communications on Sports Business will be present at Media Day (9 February) for the 2011 Chicago Auto Show.  Wednesday, I will write an article on the show and publish it either that same night or Thursday.  For any of you who are wondering how relevant a car show could be to sports, I encourage you to recall that as automotive technology goes, so does auto racing and vice-versa.  I will include pictures and material from interviews and announcements made by industry professionals in my upcoming article.

Thanks, as always, for your readership and support.  I hope you enjoy my feature on the 2011 Chicago Auto Show.  Remember to tune in Wednesday evening or Thursday for the latest from the nation’s largest auto show.

Best regards,

Cam Suarez-Bitar.


A picture from the 2009 Chicago Auto Show I found on Google. Imagine driving one of these guys!

  1. I was just at the Philadelphia Auto Show last week. Great show.

    • Yesterday’s Media Day at the 2011 Chicago Auto Show was amazing. I will post an article tonight on the show and share my experience (BTW, Shelby unveiled its new GT350 and Dodge released a new Charger). How was the show in Philly?

      Go Flyers,


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