The Pro Football Hall of Fame Quarterback vs. Non-Hall of Fame Quarterback Challenge (Part 5: Conclusions)

And now it’s all over.  Who wins?  Is there a true statistical difference (in terms of statistical science, not just “football stats”) between Hall of Fame quarterbacks and non-Hall of Fame quarterbacks?  Click the link below and read the final segment of this five-week investigation of the differences (and even similarities) between quarterbacks enshrined in Canton, Ohio, and those who hope to one day be immortalized in bronze.

Hall of Fame QBs (part 5: Conclusions)

With our 2010-2011 NFL Season countdown complete, we can watch the season’s opening kickoff and wonder which quarterback will rise to the occasion and lead his team to glory and who will fail to reach – and win – the grand prix of football: the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Cam Suarez-Bitar.

Thank you all for participating through comments and emails.  This has been one of the most entertaining and fun projects I have worked on throughout the opening years of my career in sports administration/marketing.  Successful completion of this project would not have been possible without assistance and guidance from Dr. Carolyn Nordstrom, Associate Provost for Campuses of Kaplan College and Professor of Statistics at the Northwestern University Master of Sports Administration Program.  This project stands as a tribute to all that I learned from her a couple of semesters ago when I enrolled in her stats class.  Even though this project could mark the beginning of a master’s thesis or dissertation due to the intricacies of statistical analysis, it allows us to examine how the application of statistical principles affects the decision-making process.  Here, the decision is “to induct or not to induct.”  That is the question.


Oh Archie Manning... so many hard years in New Orleans when the Saints were the "Ain'ts." His skill was not enough to move a sub-par team to glory; nevertheless, it was his skill, talent, and grit that earned his peers' and opponents' respect. Jack Youngblood, Hall of Fame defensive end of the Los Angeles Rams, routinely pounded Manning as the quarterback's protection broke down all around him. Still, Youngblood's admiration for Manning defines true sportsmanship, for he was reputed to always help the embattled Manning get up after dealing him a solid, mind-scrambling tackle. In spite of his efforts, Archie Manning is not in the Hall of Fame and remains somewhat of a long shot for induction because of his teams' unsuccessful campaigns year after year.

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