The Pro Football Hall of Fame Quarterback vs. Non-Hall of Fame Quarterback Challenge (Part 4)

Week four.  The heavy stats are here.  Now we are in deep and things begin to look a bit hazy at this point; admittedly, as I worked on this project, I was often confused by what I saw!  Just click on the link below and see how statistical models help determine what factors contribute to an NFL quarterback’s Hall of Fame status.  Apparently, some factors are redundant and should not be included in a specific set of metrics used to determine induction.  In other words, a strong and valid argument for – or against – an NFL quarterback’s induction to the Pro Football Hall of Fame should depend on truly independent variables and not those that conveniently fit one side of an argument (i.e. bias should be avoided at all costs).

Hall of Fame QBs (part 4)

So, some of these graphs and tables look even more cryptic than last week’s set.  This is the point of my research, though, that helps us isolate which factors included in my project are worth considering and whether or not they should be used in conjunction with one another in arguments on Hall of Fame induction.


Cam Suarez-Bitar

Thank you all for your participation.  Remember that if you have any questions or comments, you need only post them or send me an email.  Keep them coming.


Phil Simms - here about to get rocked by Hall of Fame Chicago Bears linebacker Mike Singletary - led the 1986 New York Giants to a Super Bowl title. Even though the 1986 Giants are one of the greatest teams in NFL history, their defense receives the lion's share of the credit. Simms' performance in Super Bowl XXI earned him MVP status as he completed 22 of 25 passes and set a Super Bowl record for best completion percentage. Consistent - when not hurt - and efficient, Simms' career numbers and Super Bowl champion status make one wonder why he is not in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Perhaps the fact that he did not necessarily help redefine the image or role of the NFL quarterback to some degree has kept Canton, Ohio on his "to do" list.

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