NEXT POST: 22 March 2010

Dear Readers,

Finally, the semester is over and I have concluded the bulk of my responsibilities as a Marketing Intern at Northwestern University Athletics.  I am maintaining a 4.0 GPA in the Master of Sports Administration program at Northwestern University and have this semester’s final exams/presentations behind me.  At this point, I think a retreat to a couple of my favorite hobbies – writing music and some rollerblading – is in order.  Of course, some much needed rest could not possibly be neglected at this time either!  Best of all, I get to spend extra time with my fiancee.

So, I will take this Monday off from my weekly compositions.  Nevertheless, I will have the next post up by next Monday night – as is the norm – and in the meantime you can always reach me by commenting on an article or sending me an email at  Thank you for your readership.  I sincerely hope that the information here has helped you as much as composing it and communicating with you has helped me.

Man, after visiting family in Wisconsin and seeing dear and familiar faces this weekend, and reflecting on the hard work that defined every step I took over the past 6 months, I couldn’t be happier.  What a life.


Cam Suarez-Bitar.

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