Chapter 2

Well, my friends, Part 2 of my analysis of Jack Welch’s prescriptions for effective leadership will have to wait until next week.  Instead, today’s entry will serve as Part 2 of my series titled “Minutes,” as these are minutes of my experience in sports business and explain exactly why I adjusted my original plan to continue last week’s study of Winning today.

Here’s a glimpse of my recent schedule… First, I am creating this season’s marketing strategy for Northwestern Women’s Lacrosse with the assistance of a colleague.  On a silver platter just for me, I also execute the NU Women’s Tennis marketing strategy (which involves working weekends), assist in operations at NU Men’s and Women’s Basketball, summarize our website’s weekly Nielsen ratings, and both invent and implement ticket sales strategies aimed at increasing group ticket sales for Men’s Basketball.  In addition, I have school at night.  I am not going hungry any time soon in this case! But seriously, this is nothing out of the norm.

The fact of the matter is that I am fighting a bit of a fever and am looking forward to walking through the 10 inches of snow meteorologists have forecast for tomorrow on my way to work and school.  These are the dues we pay, though, when the goal is truly worth it.  I would like some rest now, so you can look forward to my conclusions on Jack Welch’s leadership philosophy next Monday night.  Hey, don’t look so disappointed!  =)

<to be continued>

Cam Suarez-Bitar.

As usual, thank you for your readership.  With this entry, you can see a bit more of how a career in sports business has glamor… and its glory.  As in all work, you just have to soldier on.

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