Chapter 1

Previously, I have written about issues in sports business that apply to the industry itself.  A discussion on what it takes to be in the industry, though, would be a welcome addition.  So, today’s post will be a brief introduction to the process of entering the sports industry as it will cover the steps I have taken to reach this point of my ascent.  This discussion will be split into several parts and will feature my own experiences so that you may have an idea of how a career in sports business is not simply a job choice, but a lifestyle.  If you are interested in pursuing a career in sports business, I hope that this blog/newsletter serves you well and please, feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

Up to now as a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Southern California, certified EMT, traditional archer (target shooting not hunting), teacher of all grade levels spanning grade school and college, pianist and composer, former high school football coach, writer, and student, my life has changed in certain significant regards since I began my studies at the Northwestern University Master of Sports Administration program.  After taking classes that address how sports affect society and vice-versa, fundamentals in marketing, leadership, and how to use non-traditional revenue generators to create new revenue streams, I was extended the opportunity to work as one of two marketing interns at Northwestern University’s athletics department.  It means waking up at around 7 AM and arriving at work in Evanston no later than 10, staying until 4 PM, and stopping by my place in time to have a small sandwich and head to Downtown Chicago on the Red Line just in time for class at 7 PM.  Class ends at 9:30 PM and my day on the road ends at 10:45 PM as I open the front door of my apartment.  In the process, I have met countless bus drivers, train conductors, and cab drivers since I use only public transportation.  From 7 AM to 9:30 PM, my day is consumed by sports.  Even as I am catching up on some desperately needed rest, the lessons of the day replace the inexplicably mysterious thoughts one has in deep sleep.

When I handle game day operations at our men’s and women’s tennis matches, I am executing the marketing plan by making sure all promotions are successfully implemented and that the production side of the match flows smoothly.  Usually, our matches begin at 10 AM and may last until 2 PM.  This depends on how competitive the match was, of course, since tennis does not rely on a clock to determine when the last serve is hit.  Fortunately, these matches usually take place on the weekends and do not conflict with my class or work schedule; however, time to read, compose music, shoot my Hungarian bow on the target range, or study is nearly nil as a result.  Today, I was also assigned the duty of creating our Women’s Lacrosse Team’s marketing plan (a team that has won 5 consecutive national championships and are currently defending the title).  Rest?  Time to do absolutely nothing?  A chance to roller blade with my fiancee?  Not for now… not for the next 2 months, actually.

So, now I have a chance to create this week’s article.  I kept my Monday deadline, but it was not easy.  That’s alright, though… in the words of Terry Bradshaw, “this is fun!”

Cam Suarez-Bitar

As always, thank you for your readership.  I will continue this series as time goes by with full progress reports and more details of my experiences.

In this post I reflected on my experiences over the past few months.  Experiences… the chapters of one’s life.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank my Mother and Father (who visited me last week and made the last 7 days truly unforgettable), my Brother (who has always inspired me to “soldier on”), my Grandmother (the greatest person I have ever known and who made my education at Northwestern possible), and my fiancee (the truest lady who embodies all the great virtues a person could ever hope to possess, the beauty found only in the perfect harmony of an eternal universe, and the ever-present love that brings me real happiness) for keeping me about my wits and focused on why I am doing all of this.  Sure, working in sports is my dream, but my reason… my cause… is their health, happiness, and success.  By understanding my motivation, I am fully aware of how my family is the primary reason why I make these sacrifices and enjoy the process immensely.

Lastly, I thank God for where I am, have been, and will be.

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